Our Products

Hearing Aids

There are many hearing aid manufacturers and styles to choose from as well as different technologies. Today’s hearing aids offer hands free operation with the latest in digital technology including Bluetooth to assist with the television and telephone.

Assistive Listening Devices

Sometimes people with hearing loss need assistance from specialized devices such as alarm clocks, telephones, and fire alarms. Product lines are available from Sennheiser and Clarity as well as other manufacturers.

Hearing and Swim Protection

Custom earmolds can be ordered for noise protection, swim protection, musician plugs and monitors.


We sell batteries by the box or by the card for your convenience

Dry Aid Kits

Humidity can have problematic effects on your hearing aids. A dry aid kit is a safe way to ensure moisture does not build up in your hearing aids. It is a simple storage container that also wicks away any moisture build-up in your hearing aid.

Clean Aid Spray

Clean aid Spray is a safe and effective product used to keep hearing aids clean, a great wax remover.

Miracell Pro Ear

Miracell is a safe, gentle and all-natural botanical concentrate product for irritated, itching ears. It can be used to relieve dry, aching, tender, itching and irritated ears of all ages.