Our Services

  • No charge hearing screening
    No charge hearing screening

    A screening can identify if there is a reduction in your hearing range. It is beneficial to have a regular hearing screening to monitor your hearing levels. A screening can also identify when a referral to your family doctor is necessary. There are conditions which can be treated medically to improve hearing, the most basic being earwax or fluid in the middle ear.

  • Hearing assessments
    Hearing assessments

    Audiological assessments are completed using the most up-to-date equipment. We complete testing for DVA WSIB, ODSP and Native Affairs.

  • Hearing aid recommendations
    Hearing aid recommendations

    After a thorough hearing evaluation and interactive counselling we will determine the right hearing aid for you. Our focus as a family business is attention to each individual with personal service. Your needs are important to us which is why we take the time to listen, pay attention to detail so that we can select the correct style and technology for your budget. We stand behind our recommendation with our risk free money back guarantee. It is important to us to ensure that you are happy with your hearing devices not just today but well into the future.

  • Hearing aid repairs
    Hearing aid repairs

    Onsite repairs are completed whenever possible. Out of office repairs are provided to all manufacturers’ products.

  • Consultations

    Anyone who has had little success with their amplification is encouraged to call for a free consultation at a conveniently located clinic near you.

  • Complimentary Hearing Aid Clean and Sound Check
    Complimentary Hearing Aid Clean and Sound Check

    Each time you come into one of our clinics we will provide a cleaning and sound check at no cost, available to all hearing aid users.

  • Life Time Service Plan
    Life Time Service Plan

    Through our follow-up plan we ensure that your hearing aids are functioning to the best of their ability. Follow-up screenings are included to monitor any changes to your hearing, adjustments are then applied. Real ear measurements are completed to ensure your aids are functioning to their best in your everyday life. Regular cleanings and provision of wax protection supplies are included in our plan.